The History

Potocco first planted its roots in 1919 when Domenico Potocco, the great grandfather of the current President, opened a small artisan workshop producing chairs, together with his children, in Manzano, in the Province of Udine, in the heart of the Chair District.
Exploiting the typical capabilities for which the district was famous, the family business expanded and passed over in the 1950s into the hands of Antonio Potocco, the second generation and his son Valerio, who decided to start industrial scale production.
In 1961 the first factory was opened in Manzano and the company participated in the first Salone del Mobile trade fair as a founding partner. Two fundamental milestones that signalled the beginning of an important strategy of growth together with a desire to improve production through better design. In the 1970s, Potocco began to create its own collections and produce an exclusive range of products for La Rinascente of Milan.
This constant development led the company in 1974 to open a second production plant – which was further expanded over the years to cover a total surface area of more than 44,000 square metres, and to the creation in 1980 of Potocco S.p.A. by Valerio Potocco and his son Antonino. A true industrial reality, specialised in the production of home and contract furnishings, Potocco, today led by Antonio Potocco who is assisted in his role by his daughters Alice and Marianna, has evolved over the course of the 20th century without leaving behind those artisan values that have always constituted the key asset of company production. The recent openings of the Potocco USA and Potocco Asia divisions testify to the success of the company in the international market.

The Values

Our company heritage of artisan tradition has permitted Potocco to combine over the years the advantages of modern production in a series to careful details typical of handmade processes.
A perfect marriage where tradition and innovation meet to guarantee the highest quality standards and satisfy every customer need through the greatest customisation.
The company’s strong points have always been its great ability to tailor its ranges for the customer.
At base, meticulous research that starts right from the prototypes, a fundamental step in the achievement of products, permitting us to test, change and perfect them to obtain the best result every time.
Every product is studied in its smallest details, monitored at each stage and finally made out like a tailor-made suit.
Research, selection of the best materials but above all passion for this work, render each Potocco creation unique in a perfect mix of tailoring, experimentation and quality.