From craftman workshop to international production.

From craftsman workshop to international production. An Italian story, from Friuli, characterized from growth and consistent development that marked not only the improvement of a single company but also the birth of advanced products for technology and materials.

Was 1919 when in Manzano, Domenico Potocco and sons start their chair company. Since then a lot has changed: markets, tastes, customer’s needs. But Potocco Spa is not only changed, has evolved investing in design techniques, production, and marketing. Company strengths, now led from Antonino Potocco, are his long tradition, highly specialized in furniture and chairs local labor, but also a sales network that allows a local entity to become international.

And to prove it, a significant portion of Potocco’s successes comes from export, 80% of the turnover. Production is based on three points: functional projects, excellent design, and fair prices. Remains unchanged the love for wood, like “Slavonia” oak, cherry, ash, maple and beech, all materials that can be found in most of our collection.

The choice that also meets the increasing sense of environmental awareness, because also in the future wood will be a privileged material in customers preferences.

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